Epic Games Announces Fall Skirmish Competition and FaZe Clan Will Be There

Epic Games Announces Fall Skirmish Competition and FaZe Clan Will Be There

With the crazy success of Summer Skirmish, it was only a matter of time before Epic released their Fall Skirmish for 2018. The announcement hit on September 20th, 2018 and was immediately picked up by our own FaZe Clan Fortnite team. The tournament kicks off with a 6-week series of competitions that will wrap up with at Twitchcon on October 26-28th. The prize pool is insane: a whopping $10million in prizes is on the line. Our own FaZe Tfue and FaZe Cloak are headed to enter the beginning rounds in Fortnite's Fall Skirmish and we know they'll kick ass. 

According to Epic Games, Fall Skirmish will have some new formatting versus the Summer Skirmish. It will have both the competitive and entertainment play but they are wanting to incorporate these new formats on massive scales for 2019. So, this Fall Skirmish will be a breeding ground for how these large scale events will happen. Another new change is that players will be able to represent themed team formats and will earn points for their performances. With the way that Tfue and Cloak play, we fully expect a massive amount of FaZe Clan points! Epic has also announced that they will put new challenges out each week that will include things like: golf outings, mini-games, and white-knuckle ATK races. Each week will end with a high skill competition that will truly be something to watch.

Since there were almost 500 Fortnite players at Summer Skirmish, Epic is expecting Fall Skirmish to be bigger and better. They will be posting videos and information – and so will FaZe Clan – on the progress of the tournament so gamers and fans can keep up with everything and everyone. As Twitchcon gets closer, Epic has announced that they will put out the details for the finale's format and some special information on how to pre-register for tournaments. 

If you can't make Fall Skirmish, don't worry! Fortnite has a Showdown Royale that will kick off around the beginning of October that is an in-game tournament system. And, as you know, we are looking for new FaZe members, so this could be the perfect opportunity to pull some wins, grab some awesome shots for video submissions, and more!


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