Faze Blastoff
How it works
A true testament to FaZe’s ability to innovate and move the needle - FaZe Blastoff will change the way fans interact with the streamer. By utilizing FaZe Blastoff, the streamer is afforded a new way of engaging with fans and will create a truly unique streaming experience. Fans will be incentivized to purchase bits in order to see their favorite streamers get sprayed!

Step 1

Purchase the Blastoff Machine – Available soon in store at fazeclan.com

Step 2

Plug in the power cord and wait until the light indicator turns green. Once the light turns green – you are good to go!

Step 3

Visit here to install the FaZe Blastoff extension. After installing, activate the extension through the panels on your Twitch profile. Note: You must be a Twitch partner to receive bits.