Faze Controller
How it works
Offering fans the opportunity to interact with the stream like never before. Viewers will be able to stand out by broadcasting GIFs and sounds to everyone watching, taking engagement to the next level. FaZe Controller will give the community on stream a unique way of interacting with each other.

Step 1 - Install the extension:

Go here and install the FaZe Controller extension. After that, make sure you activate it in one of the panels on your Twitch profile. Also, make sure you are a Twitch partner so you are able to receive bits.

Step 2 - Get OBS overlay URL:

To add the overlay web page over your stream, you need to get a unique URL by going to this page. Enter your Twitch username and click on “Sign up with Twitch”. After that, you will see additional information along with the URL.

Step 3 - Add the URL Over Your Stream (OBS):

A) Under ‘Sources’ click the ‘+’ button and select ‘Browser’ from the dropdown.

B) Copy the fields below and paste them in the URL, width and height categories. Note: If you are using a different display, replace the width and height with that display’s width and height in pixels.